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Desk Assistant, Residential Life (Academic Year 2022-2023)

**NOTE: Application period extended to January 30, 2023.**

General Description
The Residential Life Desk Assistant (DA) is a student assistant employed by the Department of Residential Life at San Francisco State University. The Community Desk Program employs Desk Assistants to assist operations and provide hospitality to all guests and temporary residents through providing comprehensive services, safety, security, and resources. Desk Assistants are responsible for performing a variety of duties, including but not limited to: 
  • Monitoring the community access points
  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Properly handling keys and related documentation
  • Properly handling and process of mail and packages
  • Utilizing resources and effective communication strategies to remedy situations as they arise
  • Providing information about additional campus resources when needed
  • Assure safety and security measures are met, as outlined by Residential Life and San Francisco State University policies

At the time of application, and throughout employment, the applicant must possess the following qualifications:
  • Knowledge of, or prior experience in general customer service, problem solving, and multi-tasking
  • Ability to demonstrate and maintain a mature, professional, and hospitable attitude
  • Ability to work independently, be flexible, and willing to assist on a variety of tasks

Minimum Employment Criteria
  • Must be a student at SFSU who is registered at least part time status for Fall 2022 semester. 
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.35 (not rounded)
  • Good conduct and academic standing with San Francisco State and the Department of Residential Life

The Department expects DAs to fulfill the following responsibilities, in addition to other duties as assigned:

Confidentiality & Reporting: Maintain compliance with University, State, and Federal guidelines regarding confidentiality of accessible information. Maintain appropriate confidentiality and objectivity while utilizing and accessing sensitive information such as: student ID numbers, addresses, contact information, identifiable details, and more. Sharing or misuse of keys, mail, passwords, documents, and technology will lead to immediate disciplinary action and possible termination. 

Community Safety and Security: Verify identity of individuals entering the community buildings. Respond to and report unusual situations properly to promote safety of the residential community. Assist with emergency protocols as outlined for each situation.

Administrative: Demonstrate accurate knowledge of campus information and department services to provide academic and personal support as needed. Arrive to shift on time, properly dressed, and complete assigned duties. 

Communication: Review recent memo logs at the beginning of each shift. Adhere to the desk assistant attendance policy and communicate with the supervisor clearly regarding an absence. Must respond to supervisor requests to discuss community, policy, or disciplinary concerns as needed within 48 hours. 

Customer Service: Provide exemplary customer service and support for residents within the community. Maintain positive working relationships with Residential Life Staff and Campus Partners. Model appreciation and understanding of principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and assist residents in the development of understanding similarities and differences that they may encounter within the community. 

Terms of Employment
Summer Desk Assistant appointments are valid until the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester. Employment is at-will, meaning both Residential Life and the employee may discontinue employment immediately, with no prior notice given. Continued employment is contingent upon meeting requirements outlined in performance contact, satisfactory job performance evaluations, and provided appropriate notice of intent to continue. Desk Assistants must comply with the following to maintain employment:
  1. Abide by University and Residential Life Departmental policies, procedures, and expectations as outlined in the Desk Assistant Terms and Conditions Document. 
  2. A minimum “prefer” availability of 24 hours each week. 
  3. Must be able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week in the Desk Assistant role, without exceeding 20 hours worked per week in all student assistant positions. 
  4. Up to 40 hours a week during Summer Intersession
  5. If scheduled for a six-hour shift or less, I waive my meal period by mutual consent.
  6. Attend staff meetings and trainings outlined by the department. 
  7. Must be available during important residential life events: Opening/Closing, Admitted Students Day, GatorFest, etc.
  8. Must be flexible to work during recess periods and occasional holidays. 
  9. Agree to download and use Microsoft Teams on your personal device. 
Note: Employment as a Desk Assistant is not guaranteed year to year. Desk Assistants must reapply during the application window of each new academic year. 


  • Desk Assistants receive hourly pay of $16.50 per hour
  • Student assistants are not eligible to receive overtime or holiday pay.
  • It is imperative DAs adhere to payroll protocols to ensure timely payment.

International Student Assistants
International Student Assistants are people qualified to work in the CSU system on either an F1 or J1 visa. International student assistants must renew any documentation that if expired would omit them from being able to work and receive pay for work completed for the Department.

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